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Each birth star has its own special sound in tune with the tendencies and inner nature of a child.

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Tamils traditionally, regardless of their religious faith, they select the first letter of their baby name based on birth date and birth star in Tamil. Giving astrology names by date of birth is also quite common among many other culture in the Indian sub continent. Tamil baby name based on nakshatra and Patham.

Tamil naming astrology consider the association of janma nakshatra with the phonetic form represented by the Aksharam as the main factor that decides the first letter of a name. Namakaranam is basically a naming ceremony, performed within a few weeks of the baby's birth.

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Time of birth and place of birth helps to find Ascendant and other house positions. Numerology is a way to communicate with your inner self. It's not just Vedic Astrology but also, very popular these days, Western Astrology which is based on birth date astrology. The horoscope prediction requires the birth date astrology charts , created using information i. Tamils traditionally, regardless of their religious faith, they select the first letter of their baby name based on birth date and birth star in Tamil. Through Transit Report you will get the information about the current position of your entire planets in your birth chart.

Namkaranam is one of the most important ceremony or rituals in Tamil culture. The mother and father start the ritual with pranayamam, prayers and chanting manthiram in presence of the family priest and family members. Rice grains are spread on a plate and the father writes the chosen name while chanting the mantra. Then he whispers the name into the child's right ear, followed by the blessings of the elders and ends with a feast with family and friends.

Birth star at the time of birth is called janma nadchathiram, also known as nama nakshatram.

Naming a child based on both Tamil astrology and numerology is very common nowadays. Tamilsonline also recommend you to check the numerological predictions. Natal chart of an adult and new born baby are calculated in the same way, however jathagam of a new born baby is generated to find the nakshatra and rasi of a baby for naming purpose.

How to find first letter of name by date of birth? In order to find the first letter of baby names in Tamil , submit the birth details of a new born baby boy or girl; and find out the name starting letter based on date of birth , or nama aksharam relevant to the nama nakshatra based on Tamil baby naming astrology.

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Tamilsonline provides free jathagam of a new born baby based on date of birth and time. Free baby astrology chart includes Tamil astrology signs of your new born baby.

Although Tamil astrology recommends the first character of a new born baby, numerology provides the meaning of new born baby name. Get your numerology predictions based on name and date of birth, online. They are transmitted in encrypted form and stored in our server during the entire session of your visit.

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By using our services, you agree to this. Hindu Name Calculator. Naming your child based on Swar Siddhanta can give positive results in the growth and development of the child. The most common practice to name a child is based on the quarter of the constellation Nakshatra occupied by the radical Moon i.

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Swar Calculator Vedic Name Calculator. Please wait Vedic Astrology had given significant importance to Swar Siddhanta. In Hinduism with the power of Swar, deities are propitiated.

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Birth date astrology or birthday astrology tell about entire life of an individual. Astrology based on date of birth can reveal everything about you and provide you Enter Your Birth Details. Name. sex. Male, Female. Date (DD/MM/YYYY). Free Astro Click Portrait, Date of Birth - Sun, Moon, Ascendant for free online, Astrology AstroClick Portrait, Horoscopes by date of birth and time - Seek and meet.