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On a micro-level have you ever noticed how subtle a message can be and find it seeping into your life?

The smallest moment, a simple sentence can derail you, and it can also catapult you to the greatness you are striving for. It doesn't have to be that you want to be a millionaire. Maybe you just want to be a great mom or dad. You might want to be the best at anything, a fitness expert, a tarot card reader, the top student of your graduating class. So, without turning to the impact of small words in your life, those incremental feelings that Pisces would pay attention to that culminate into a large belief system that builds to a defining moment.

It leads to the way you feel, how you project your energy when moments of courage are required and it is defined as self-esteem. Self-esteem isn't the way you think.

It's the way you feel. For example, I had a friend that told a story to me 20 years later after he had built an empire for himself with a security business. He was someone people made fun of. He came here from a third world country, on a green card, and soon was orphaned. As the oldest kid in our high school class, he worked two jobs, went to school day and night, and had a car that we literally had to run to jump start so he could get it working.

But he believed in himself. He kept telling himself that the day was better than yesterday.

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He was generous. Then, one day while dating a girl the mom told him that he was not good enough for her because he was poor. He said that those words motivated him every day of his life for 20 years, and now he is a true multi-millionaire, a US citizen, employing hundreds of security officers around the world.

He is in the right place for this time because not only does he help people get out of poverty with hard work, but he is continuing to overcome his own mental poverty by thinking he can. His self-talk was powerful because he took each moment to remind himself that he wanted to be the best at each moment that he worked hard. He focused on excellence.

He never imagined he'd end up in the security business.

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He was a busboy for many years! But one opportunity led to another opportunity and became a lifestyle of strong thinking. It doesn't matter where you are today. Stuck or moving forward.

3 Card Tarot

Be motivated by your fears and use them to create a strong form of excellence that becomes an attitude, that leads to a lifestyle that renders to superior success in your life that is right and meant just for you. When you combine a Leo, and the tarot card The Sun, we see the joy in crazy life challenges. When we pull the tarot card for Pisces we get the Moon card, which is our feelings.

Ask yourself today what tiny decisions are you making? Where will they lead you? Will you become the person you want to be? Then, change your micro thinking by focusing on the small stuff in big ways.

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Cancer, you are a sensual and sensitive spirit. With the World card, the possibilities are endless. You can feel your way through today's situations but use the language of love to motivate you to do what you know you can. Pisces, endings are sweet sorrows, so let yourself cry a little.

There's bravery in a soft heart, but remember that when you say goodbye to what is unhealthy, you become wide open to powerful, healing change. Scorpio, be on the side of patience.

For today, tomorrow and overmorrow

Look up even now and see the light, feel the rays of self-acceptance and self-confidence permeate your whole being. He is in the right place for this time because not only does he help people get out of poverty with hard work, but he is continuing to overcome his own mental poverty by thinking he can. Angel Cards, Angel Daily Spirit Animal. If you have any questions about our daily tarot cards or any other iFate feature, please don't hesitate to use the "contact us" link in the footer.

Some errors come from haste. Patience is a virtue that the wisest know to trust when you are unsure. What would be your best possible outcome for today? Then look at the 22 cards of the Major Arcana below and click on the one you feel drawn to. If you feel drawn to more than one, don't worry, there's nothing to stop you from selecting another card afterwards.

You will then be shown your card for the day along with keywords and meanings. There is the General meaning, but also meanings which will help give you insight into the areas of Love and Work. Whichever card you select, use its energy to guide you today. Remember, the moment of power is now; your every second, every action, every thought even, has the power to transform your life. Leave all fear behind and step into your future today focussing just on your goals and what you want to achieve. If your goals aren't clear, look for ideas and guidance around you.

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