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Open office plans without even a cubicle for a semblance of privacy might raise their hackles constantly, and they may develop a reputation for being ornery, curt, or overly harsh. Scorpio men love to get inside your head and delight in playing mind games.

How to Win the Heart of a Scorpio Man

Like a spider in the center of a web, these devious masterminds always play the long game and will pit players against each other. Political science and corporate intrigue are areas where male Scorpions naturally shine, as well as research fields and documentary film making.

With finances, Scorpio men may enjoy playing the stock market or investing in intricate money-making schemes. They may have funds socked away in secret accounts for emergencies, and they might not always be completely above board in their financial dealings. Shopping for the Scorpio man may be a little tricky, because he may not be forthcoming about what it is he really wants. The ever-elusive Scorpio really and truly wants you to be able to read his mind about his innermost desires — and if you fail, prepare to experience a prizewinning Scorpio sulk.

The best advice? Pay attention.

Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Pay attention. Sid and Nancy. Harsh criticism can hurt your Scorpio's feelings and damage any trust between you and him. If they're a little closed off at first, don't take it personally. I am very hurt over this. I am an acquaintance of a Scorpio man while I was And high school.

The Scorpio personality loves to think about deep and often difficult subjects, so books or documentaries on psychology, religious cults or occult subjects, true crime, unsolved mysteries, war, and incredible heists will often fascinate them. He's trying to find out if this is a good investment for his hard-earned money and if it will stand the test of time. So, the next time the two of you head out to the farmer's market and your Scorpio beau begins questioning how the tomatoes were grown, try not to roll your eyes; he really is just looking out for the both of you.

Love 'em or hate 'em, no one can question the fact that once Scorpio man loves you, he'll be dedicated, loyal, and steadfast in his affections. This is not to say that Scorpios never cheat, but for the most part, you can count on his love being of the true-blue variety. As long as you don't do anything suspicious, like hang out at the bar with your ex-partner, there should be no problem. This leads to Scorpio's often common feelings of jealousy. Scorpio falls on the same axis as Taurus much like Libra and Aries fall on the same axis and as such, Scorpio shares a lot of the jealous and possessive qualities of Taurus.

When Scorpio men are in love, you can expect them to occasionally show feelings of jealously , but this is not something you should take lightly.

How to Love a Scorpio Man: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Even if all your Scorpio mate displays is a clenched jaw, take that as a sign to proceed with caution. Scorpio men can also be quite guarded about what they truly feel. The sign of Scorpio treats information, all information, as precious as jewels and only doles it out on a need to know basis. This guarded state can apply to their feelings as well.

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