Dark side of astrology taurus

Negative Traits Of The Taurus Man – The Dark Side Of Taurus Man

They behave like a psycho lover and may even become dangerous to be around as they might get completely consumed by the demon of jealousy which may further take charge of the actions the Taurus may enact. Taurus can be considered royal in their choice of food but what makes it a dark side is that they do not know when to put a stop to it.

When Taurus Turns Dark

They have a love cum hate relationship with food and love the royal choices of food such as cheese, alcohol, meat and many more. Due to this uncontrollable eating spree that a Taurus is on majorly, it may transform a fit Taurus native into an obese person. And the irony is even though they know they need to lose weight they painfully also are aware of the fact that they will never get into a physical fitness regime as laziness is a part of their genetics according to the Vedic astrology. Their negative side will not be of any help in encouraging the Taurus native to get into a regime to do something about those extra buns he or she has put on all over their body.

Even though they may look like a huge piece of hotdog walking down the road, they always want their partner to be in a perfect figure or physique that they may flaunt in public. Just in case you want something done by a Taurus native, do remember, aggression and attitude are the two things that you should not flaunt in front of them. The best way to make a Taurus work in your favor and be cooperative is to have a humble approach to them as they are known to be pretty emotional in nature which is a basic nature of a good Taurus.

If approached gently, they will make sure your work is done even if it is at the cost of a personal loss for them. If Mars or Sun has aspects with the 1 st House House of ascendant and character and the Seventh House the House of Marriage ; it is said to make the Taurus native possess dark characteristics of aggression, stubbornness, impulsive behavior, and many more.

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They can get stuck in a rut for a very long time and may also start taking things and people for granted. The only focus for them is what the need of the day is that requires the immediate attention of the Taurus native. It is because of these dark traits that the personal, married, love and professional life of a Taurus native is completely shattered and broken into pieces beyond repair.

I hope you appreciate that I dressed Do you know if your zodiac sign has any type of darkness? In this video we're going to find out. Astrology attributes zodiac traits. Independent, Tenacious and Naturally Reserved. Learn about the true personality traits of Taurus.

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In this video I will discuss the traits and qualities of the dark sided Taurus man. Only those operating On this episode of Astrologica, the Astro Twins explain the strengths and weaknesses of the zodiac sign Cancer. These astrology experts take a deep dive into This video focuses on Taurus and their traits and characteristics.

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The Dark Side Of Taurus

Each and every one of us has a dark side that they simply do not know about, do not wish to talk about or even will not admit to having. Do your best to pick your battles, and you should be okay.

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