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Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 10, 12222

Therefore, be patient with everyone. Heightened activity at home is likely because of visiting guests or renovations. Something in your life is coming to a head now because today's Full Moon is the only Full Moon taking place at the top of your chart this year. Although relations with authority figures might be tense, fortunately, the dance between Mars and Jupiter will soften this. All is well. Check the Moon alert! Pay attention to everything you say and do because today's Full Moon can create an accident-prone influence.

Therefore, slow down and be mindful and alert.

Dhanteras & Lakshmi Puja Muhurtha

Think before you speak and think before you act. Restrict your spending to food, gas and entertainment because of the Moon Alert. Something to do with financial matters will come to a culmination today, which often occurs at the time of a Full Moon. Quite likely, you will welcome this. Nevertheless, because today is also a Moon Alert, make no important financial decisions. Restrict spending to food, gas and entertainment.

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Today the only Full Moon opposite your sign all year is taking place, which could create some tension with partners and close friends. This is nothing you can't handle with a bit of grace, patience and accommodation. Resist the urge to spend money. See Moon Alert above. This is a high-energy, sociable day!


You will enjoy talking to friends and interacting with groups, clubs and organizations. You might also like to discuss goals and future projects?

However, agreed to nothing important because today is a Moon Alert - as well as a Full Moon. An issue with a friend or a member of a group might come to a head today because of the Full Moon energy. To learn about the importance of the apogee and the perigee of the Moon, this an article will give you some facts and ideas.

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IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: This year you will forge ahead toward a goal that you've wanted to achieve for a while. Be aware of the. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: This year you seem to be able to flawlessly bind your intellect to your feelings, creating results that please you.

To find out the dates of apsides in any month, use the Astrological Moon Calendar. An article about eclipses is in my plan. If you want to be notified when it will be published, please subscribe to my newsletter. Here is an article about the retrograde motion of planets in astrology. It showcases the work of the students of Astrological Forecasting for Everyone course. You can see the recording on YouTube. Part 7. Is There Incompatibility? The Mysterious Scorpio. Moon Sign and Compatibility.

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All eyes are on you, Pisces. People are drawn to you and your spotlight. You love it so you take in all you can. This is actually a cover-up for something more serious. Your flirtatious attitude is only on the surface. What is behind that birthday trait is someone who has spunk.

Yes indeed, Pisces, you can take care of yourself.

Jupiter Transit To Alandur

Fire damages house in Courtenay; no one was home. Look for reality another day! You are energetic which makes you more enjoyable. Aquamarine is a spiritual gemstone that helps keep your mind calm and become more intuitive. Confusion arises when dealing with a loved one. Halifax special constables found guilty of criminal negligence causing death Updated 21 hours ago. Get more of the Star in your inbox.

You will not let anyone push you around. If that is what some people think, they are in for a little surprise.

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Your birthday astrology predicts that those who are born this day are easy going. You are energetic which makes you more enjoyable.

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These are two more of your desirable traits. One of your flaws of the 10 March birthday personality is that you are initially suspicious of people and their reasons for wanting to be in your life. You just do not trust people too easily especially when it comes to love. You have a need to protect yourself and those around you. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Pisces, you really have a difficult time figuring out who has your best interest at heart.


Deep down, you know your friends and family members love you. You can count on their love and support as well. Likewise, you are there for them. Sometimes you just have to have faith. Give people a chance to prove themselves worthy of your love and affection.

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