Libra horoscope for january 26

Libra Horoscope for January 26

The past does not define you, Cancer. No matter how much you have gone through, you have the power to start over. But you have take that call for yourself. Channel your inner phoenix and rise above the ashes.

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The moon in Libra connects with lucky Jupiter at AM, creating a generous energy, but beware of tempers as the moon opposes Mars at. People born on January 26th have a deeply emotional color to them, and feel disappointed way too easily, often getting lost in their bubble of.

As you do, new pathways will open for you. The Universe will start aligning you with people and circumstances that support your growth, and help you transcend to the next level. Use this time to recharge on a mental, emotional and physical level. Take pleasure in slowing down, and in enjoying each and every moment. You just have to allow yourself to discover it. Cosmic tip: Give yourself the time you need to recharge on a mental, emotional and physical level. How blessed you are to be with somebody who not only supports your journey, but also believes in your dreams—maybe even a little more than you do sometimes!

If you have been holding yourself back for some reason, know that it is safe for you to open up and share what is in your heart. Your relationship will only grow from strength to strength.

January 26 Birthday Astrology

Cosmic tip: How blessed you are to be with somebody who waters you and supports your growth. Your body and soul are not separate. If somebody is in only for the benefits, indulge at your own risk. Post-coital detachment is but a myth. Coupled Librans, making love is an art form. The mind has no business in matters of the heart, Scorpio.

What you want to do instead: close your eyes and take a deep breath. Cosmic tip: Allow yourself to reconnect with your core. You already have the answer you are looking for. Growth and evolution are a constant in your world. Allow yourself to let go of the parts that no longer serve you, that do not feel in alignment with your higher self.

It is only by shedding the old skin that you will find the strength to come into your own. Cosmic tip: Allow yourself to let go of the parts that do not feel in alignment with your higher self. But what are you fighting for? And is this issue worth going to war? Remember, every time you pick up the sword, it is your own peace of mind that you are messing with. The thing is, you will be triggered. You just have to keep reminding yourself you are bigger than this. Don't forget that people will remember not just your words, but also how you made them feel. But what about you , Aquarius?

What are you gaining from this experience?

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Cosmic tip: Ask for what you deserve. You need to be compensated fairly for the work you put in. That adrenaline rush you have been craving for is finally here. After a particularly slow week, things are finally gaining momentum. There are lots of interesting projects and collaborations coming your way.

Tonight: You might want to change your plans. Choose an activity where you are entertained. Your playfulness emerges. Someone in your immediate circle could blow his or her stack. Though this person's anger seems to be directed toward you, you are not the real target. Remain open and let harsh words go. If a situation becomes too hot to handle, bypass it for now. Tonight: Sharing with a loved one. You wake up out of sorts, and this bad humour could follow you the rest of the day. Go for a walk, or choose an activity that makes you smile.

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Anger could be closer to the surface than you realize. Be careful if you tend to internalize feelings.

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Tonight: Entertain from your pad. Approach a personal matter in a more level and caring manner. At times, you might feel your emotions getting out of control. A volatile quality runs through the day and conversation. Try to detach, and avoid any displays of anger. Tonight: Stay close to home, yet be adventurous. Be aware of another person's inclination to indulge in order to escape difficult issues. You could decide to join this person, as you often have a great time together.

Note that this person encourages you to go overboard, too.

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The World card signifies a long journey coming to an end. Please enter your comment! Platinum reveals wealth, strength and personal value. Latest article. Show comments.

Choose to go to the movies or get into another pastime where you will be entertained. Tonight: A good time does not need to be costly.

Others find you unusually attractive. You might have a specific request or idea that you would like to discuss and receive a positive response. Broach the topic over a friendly lunch. Stay clear of a controlling individual, probably in your domestic or personal life. Tonight: Celebrate life.

If you do not push too hard, you will gain in several ways. Sometimes, it is best to allow others to come to you. You gain a fuller understanding of what is going on with that person. At present, you will naturally gravitate toward having some solitude or quiet time. Tonight: Screen calls.

Make it OK to be unavailable.

January 26 libra horoscope

You can be found around friends or those who pursue specific interests. You might have pushed too hard at work or with a project of late, as a child or loved one could throw a tantrum and become demanding. Though the uproar could be annoying, it is flattering on another level. Tonight: Among the crowds. You note that many people seem to be eyeing you when out. Your charisma draws others, yet that same attraction does not guarantee agreement with your ideas and suggestions. Avoid a quarrel if you do not see eye to eye with another person.