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Rush Limbaugh had it right when he talked about the SuperMoon on his radio show a couple days before the March 19, alignment: this hysteria was media crisis-mongering.

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He then managed to fall into the same trap as the rest of the media, in claiming that "Richard Nolle is out there warning everybody now that it could be disastrous out there. However much of this shaking consists of aftershocks from the magnitude 9. Meanwhile, the Karangetang volcano erupted in Siau island in the North Sulawesi province of Indonesia on the 18th, trapping a few dozen people between lava flows on its slopes, and forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes.

And there was an outbreak of severe weather in northern California that knocked out power to several thousand homes on the 18th, with heavy rain, hail, strong winds and even a tornado strike. Floods are a big part of the picture in this case, although some of these will be dry electrical storms that spark fast-spreading wildfires. At any new or full moon, Earth and Moon and Sun are all in a line: Earth is in the middle in the full moon alignment, while the new moon happens with Moon in the middle.

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This coming together in an alignment is technically termed a syzygy. Sometimes - from a few times to a half-dozen times in a given year - these alignments also happen when the Moon is in its perigee , or closest approach to Earth.

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope. Unusual or unexpected events surrounding your finances can arise. I put up an election result at Mercury Rx. Be bold and break the ice today. A relationship matter can rev up for some. Just below Pisces is Cetus, the whale.

Astronomers call this very special alignment a perigee-syzygy. My most recent print article on this subject appeared in the October-November issue of The Mountain Astrologer. SuperMoons are noteworthy for their close association with extreme tidal forces working in what astrologers of old used to call the sublunary world: the atmosphere, crust and oceans of our home planet - including ourselves, of course. From extreme coastal tides to severe storms to powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the entire natural world surges and spasms under the sway of the SuperMoon alignment - within three days either way of the exact syzygy, as a general rule.

SuperMoon solar eclipses tend to have a wider sphere of impact, extending roughly a week before and after the actual event. And other lunar extremes of declination , for example can extend the geocosmic stress window by a day or two here and there in any case. If you're interested in the history of SuperMoon alignments in connection with great storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, you'll find a sampling of them in my book Interpreting Astrology published by the American Federation of Astrologers.

But a simple review of the news over the past few years should serve to get you acquainted.

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Take Hurricane Katrina, for example; spawned from a tropical depression formed within three days of the August 19 SuperMoon. My forecast for warned of severe storms within plus or minus three days of the day Hurricane Katrina formed, and even specified the Gulf of Mexico as one of the areas at risk in connection with that particular SuperMoon alignment. I've done this for over thirty years now, from articles in the astrology press to the online forecasts at my website, astropro.

You can play along at home, using my handy tables of all 20th and 21st Century SuperMoon alignments. You might even find that you were born under a SuperMoon. Examples of the SuperMoon connection with major storms and seismic events abound: the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, the largest volcanic event in the second half of the 20th Century, took place on June 15, within three days of a SuperMoon ; the October 6, Richter 7.

I'm just scratching the surface here, citing only a few historic instances in the past hundred years or so. Look a little deeper, and you'll run across literally hundreds more greater and lesser seismic and meteorological disturbances, from Hurricane Andrew in to the World Series Loma Prieta earthquake - just to name a couple contemporary notable examples. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 12th of a leap year and two years preceding it:.

The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 12th of a year following a leap year:. These symbols share a certain feeling of peace and serenity, and created by a passionate man and a big bear. The strong masculine force and battle those born on this date carry within, will be overcome, maintained, and lead to sensitive, social, and spiritual activities that help one create a connection the world.

They have something to show and share through words, and this will find a powerful basis in experience they gather through life. While soul-searching is in order, people born on February 12th have an innate need for movement, and not only change as all Aquarius representatives, but actual physical movement of the limbs.

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They need to walk and run, a lot, and drive as far as they need to whenever they wish to relax their mind. It is their mission in life to share a message of the heart, learn about non-verbal communication, but also name their feelings in all the right ways. Colors of emotions will take a shape of love when they're spoken, and their expression is to become one of devotion, care, and nurturement. In general, people born on February 12th tend to do several things at the same moment, and this goes for romantic relationships too.

High awareness is needed for them to realize that they are at peace when they have nothing to hide, and as soon as actual honesty prevails no matter the age , they will find themselves settling for the person who inspired them to be true. Even with their liberal view on romance and marriage, they will often get married young, only to realize what their heart truly desires and where love is really found within.

Love and Compatibility for February 12 Zodiac

A person born on this date is loving and tender, but at the same time too rational to let too many people into their heart. If one relationship breaks with a bang, the other will fail to begin or be built on remnants of what once was with someone else.

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Even though the thrill of the moment guides them, they feel good about long-term commitments and will form relationships to last them a lifetime if they only open their hearts for long enough to sink into intimacy. Those born on February 12th have a talent for real estate, home decorating and inspiring innovative engineering solutions for apartments for large families. Lilith in the sign of the bull makes for one lusty chick!

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You want what you want and everyone else can go fish. You dream of endless self-indulgence in guilty pleasures where you fulfil your every whim. Your lust for love, luxury and money is an aphrodisiac for others, although they fear your jealous streak. Your shadow is that of a bully, greedy, gluttonous and possessive, a slave to your carnal urges.

Should you see red, you will bully, coerce and tyrannise others into submission. Lilith in Gemini.

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Gemini if you were born between these dates: 26—01——22—10— 02—12——27—08— 07—10——03—07— 13—08——07—05— 17—06——13—03— 23—04——16—01— 26—02——22—11— 02—01——27—09— 07—11——02—08— 11—09——08—06— Lilith in the sign of the twins makes for one tricksy chick! Do you fantasise of threesomes? Or maybe you like talking dirty in bed? Lilith in Cancer. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Cancer if you were born between these dates: 23—10——18—07— 28—08——23—05— 04—07——28—03— 08—05——31—01— 14—03——07—12— 17—01——12—10— 23—11——18—08— 28—09——22—06— 03—08——29—04— 10—06——04—03— Are you a MILF?

Others see you as a matriarch, wanting to submit to you and curl up in your bosom, yet also fearing your all-consuming power. Your shadow is that of the devourer, man-eater and blasphemer. Lilith in Leo. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Leo if you were born between these dates: 19—07——13—04— 24—05——17—02— 29—03——22—12— 01—02——28—10— 08—12——02—09— 13—10——09—07— 19—08——13—05— 23—06——19—03— 30—04——22—01— 05—03——28—11— You dream of being worshipped and adored — preferably by a large court.

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February 12th is a date that has a special connection to the Moon, the heart, and matters of family and intimacy. While the Sun in Aquarius always shows certain. The New Moon on Sunday, October 27, , at 4° Scorpio is opposite Uranus. This makes This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from October 27 to the November 12 full moon. New Moon October Times and Dates.

Your shadow is your incredible vanity, narcissism and megalomania. Lilith in Virgo. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Virgo if you were born between these dates: 14—04——07—01— 18—02——12—11— 23—12——17—09— 29—10——24—07— 03—09——29—05— 10—07——03—04— 14—05——06—02— 20—03——13—12— 23—01——20—10— 29—11——25—08— Sex-angel Lilith in the sign of the virgin creates some strong contradictions! You have an eye for detail and so your image of sex is almost clinical.

Do you own a nurse costume?

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Still, you probably dream of alternately playing the virgin and the whore. Others want to mess you up and conquer your virginity but they fear your cold, heartless demeanour. Your shadow is that of a virgin priestess or a nun and a man-hater.

If your button is pressed you go frigid and critical, refusing to listen, open up or offer any assistance. Lilith in Libra.

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Your Black Moon Lilith is in Libra if you were born between these dates: 08—01——03—10— 13—11——08—08— 18—09——14—06— 25—07——19—04— 30—05——23—02— 04—04——28—12— 07—02——03—11— 14—12——08—09— 19—10——15—07— 24—08——20—05— Lilith in the relationship sign is one charming chick! Your shadow self is schemer and seducer, a courtesan or gigolo.