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Your name: Robot Spiderwoman Visiting Astro. Com Logout Shopping Cart 2. Current Planets. Authors at Astrodienst Astrology for Lovers. All Reports at a Glance. Chart of the moment. It not only contains birth data, but also all the chart drawings and thousands of biographies. AstroWiki by Astrodienst is a free encyclopedia of astrology. Aquarius is a sign belonging to the astrological element of air, and this signifies that mind, rather than heart, is likely to begin to assume the highest value.

Human ingenuity and human inventiveness, reflected in technology and a greater understanding of how the cosmos works, are important dimensions of the Aquarian ethos. The values which propel nations into recognising not only each other s rights but also each other s similarities is likely to be reflected in an increasing sense of globalism, of being "citizens of the world". Aquarius is also the sign of the mass, and this means a levelling of extremes and a seeking of common denominators in education, money, fashion, the arts, and all other spheres in which human creativity and effort can make their mark.

Is this then a "good" or "bad" age? That depends on what we make of it. Each of us, in this exciting, challenging and sometimes frightening time, has the individual challenge of responding to and working with the new energy which is presently causing such profound changes in science, religion, communications, and social and political structures. These planetary configurations, although not directly linked with the changing of the astrological ages, need nevertheless to be seen in that context.


And they do indeed seem to support the vast shift in human consciousness which is presently occurring. The three outer planets -Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto - are, for the next few years, all in what are called the "dynamic" signs, meaning the elements of fire and air. For many years they were in the "receptive" earth and water signs, and not since the late s have all three been in fire and air.

What does this mean for us all? After the last World War, a new spirit was abroad, fuelled in part by the darkness and suffering with which so many people were afflicted, but fuelled also by a fiery spirit of hope and innovation, and an airy dream of harmony and peace in the world. There is a similar spirit abroad now. These three outer planets, all concerned with collective movements and trends, seem to be offering us a vision of a reformed and brighter world. This does not mean that we will all sail into the future full of joy and free of problems.

In many areas of the world there is a great deal of suffering, and individuals may still have to cope with challenges which may prove painful and frustrating. Also, the kind of vision which is presently infecting so many people is not necessarily congenial to everyone. Idealism and vision may also be accompanied by a lack of recognition of individual rights and feelings, and the elements of fire and air, while strong on vision, may occasionally lack an appreciation of time and human frailty.

Some people may feel pressured and overloaded by the qualities of the time, as though they are expected to learn everything all at once and give up hard-won values and security because the collective demands it. To understand and get the best from this unusual grouping of outer planets coinciding with the changing of the ages, we need first to understand ourselves, and how these planets will affect us individually.

It entered the sign of Sagittarius in and leaves it to enter Capricorn in.

Thus most of the first decade of the 21st century is dominated by this important movement of Pluto through the sign of Sagittarius the Centaur, concerned with religious, spiritual, philosophical and moral questions. Pluto symbolises those deep underground forces in the collective psyche which break down and renew that which is old, outworn and past its time. It works like a machine dredging the bottom of a pond, bringing to the surface everything which is rotten and ready for the compost heap, so that new life can emerge cleaner, brighter and stronger than before.

While it moved through Scorpio in the second half of the s and the first half of the s, we experienced a darkening of our vision of life. Now we have reached a point where we are seeking a new vision of God, a new way of defining right and wrong, and new ways in which to understand and communicate with each other. On the global level, we may expect many conflicts and transformations in the sphere of orthodox religion, with a heady mixture of sectarianism and impassioned truth-seeking, fanaticism and a greater tolerance of the many ways through which we may approach the divine. We may also expect new attitudes toward law and the legal systems in every nation, as well as changes in our attitudes toward knowledge and education.

And in the sphere of communication the internet has already made its mark. The profound moral and spiritual dilemmas which Pluto raises as it travels through Sagittarius may be seen on many levels in the outer world. They may also challenge you in very personal ways, and you may not initially realise that the issues you are confronting are not only your own, but also shared by many people struggling in their own individual ways to redefine what they understand as truth. Even if Pluto s movement affects very personal spheres of your life, it may be worth ultimately asking the question, "What is the deeper meaning of what I am going through?

What am I meant to be learning? How can I use this time to redefine what I believe to be right and wrong, truth and falsehood? And what is the nature of the God in which I believe?

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What makes you a special individual? The transformative nature of Pluto is most likely to express itself in the sphere of your expression as an individual, and this includes those ways in which you are able to be creative and find suitable vehicles for giving form to what you feel matters most deeply to your heart. This time may reflect a new creative birth, when you discover a talent you didn t know you had, or find new artistic ways of expressing what is within you. New business enterprises, new creative projects, and new confidence in your right to be yourself may be some of the finest fruits of this process.

Whether the children which are born of this time are physical or imaginative, it is, on the most profound level, a time of birth, and although the gestation may be a long one, you are likely to emerge with a profound sense of your unique value as an individual. Pluto in 5th House until February No birth can take place without some struggle, however, and it may be that certain patterns in your life need to come to an end. Matters of love, even if they are happy rather than distressing and happiness is just as likely as crisis during this time may require you attend to old psychological attitudes inherited from your family background -- attitudes which you might do better without.

You may also need to think long and deeply about what kind of parent you are or would like to be, and what kind of child you once were, and what you expect and need from your own children. It is really the child within you which is being activated and brought to the surface by the processes reflected by Pluto s movement, and you may need to face all those issues concerned with the blocking of childhood needs and the stifling of childlike dreams and inspirations.

Your ability to express the child within is a measure of your ability to be creative and joyful in life. Do you know how to play? Can you experience the joy of a child, the sense of wonder at life, and the confidence to express your vision in creative forms? Or are you hemmed in by worrying about what others think, or by unrealistic expectations and standards which paralyse your self-expression? This ability to express yourself without material gain or ideological justification reveals who you most truly are, and it is this which you are likely to discover over the next few years.

Every human being has some sphere where he or she can be creative, and you may need to discover this on new levels. This includes such issues as your work not so much your long-term goals as the ways in which your time and energy are structured , your domestic arrangements and habits, and your relationship with your body.

It is possible that this critical and profoundly important time may provoke enormous changes in your mundane life, and you may find yourself in a new field of work or with a new commitment to learning skills that you had never thought of developing before. Your understanding of your place in the material world is likely to deepen, and while this may involve some long-overdue re-evaluation of your relationships with employers and employees, and a different attitude toward old entrenched habits, you are likely to emerge from this process cleansed, free of many old destructive habit patterns, and ready to begin a new phase wherein you can start making plans to bring your talents and abilities to a wider audience.

You might discover some things about yourself or your work situation that are a little disturbing, because all kinds of issues involving your dealings with co- workers and those in your domestic environment -especially issues involving power and control - may come to a head and force you to make changes you would prefer to avoid. You might find that you have been too passive and too ready to accept the bidding of others for the sake of security.

Or you might find that you have been too heavy-handed in expecting others to do your bidding, and now have to recognise that a better balance is required. This issue of discovering where extremes have secretly been at work may also arise around the relationship you have with your body. You might discover that you have not been respecting basic routines like diet and exercise, and that some long-overdue attention is required. But the nature of this planetary transit, for you as well as for the larger collective around you, is concerned with discovering the truth and getting rid of that which blocks clear vision and hopes for the future.

For you, this is a time of preparation, when all the little details of your life need to be examined carefully, so that you can achieve a better balance in all areas of your material existence. Don t allow discovery of darker elements spoil your hopes for the future. All cleansing processes bring a few unattractive things to the surface, so that better integration can be achieved. This is now likely to happen, slowly, subtly, but inexorably, on many levels of your mundane life. All things psychological may interest you, even if this also involves financial concerns; for you are very open right now to the deeper levels of life, and could make good use of the insights you gain.

Certain old attitudes from the past may quietly drop away, and you may feel rather intolerant of others insincerity. For a while you may need plenty of time for quiet reflection, and this could make you wish to withdraw a little from social contacts which are too superficial. Trust your instincts, and follow the path of your interests right now. They could lead you to a radically transformed view of life, which may indirectly lead to important external changes later.

Most importantly, your need to see and understand the truth, about others and about yourself, may alter in a very positive way not only your perceptions but your way of communicating to others. Your hopes and dreams, and indeed, your entire philosophy of life, are likely to slowly but irrevocably change and deepen, and you may find yourself losing interest in previous belief systems which once held your emotional and intellectual attention, in favour of a new and more inclusive vision of life.

All your definitions of right and wrong, good and bad, worthy and unworthy, may be subject to deep reflection at this critical period, and beliefs and values which you previously held because they were collectively acceptable or because they made you feel safe may give way to a world-view which is more truly individual and loyal to your own heart and soul.

You may also feel especially creatively inspired and eager for creative challenges which use your imagination as well as reflecting your highest aspirations. This inner strengthening and clarifying process could be reflected, in due course of time, in some very attractive material rewards, because your increasing faith in yourself is likely to help you make the right material choices in the outer world.

Pluto sextile Mercury End of January until beginning of November Pluto trine Jupiter End of January until mid November Neptune in Aquarius Neptune takes years to make its cycle around the zodiac, and it is now in Aquarius for the first time since , having entered the sign in February It leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces in the spring of This planet reflects the constantly changing and constantly repeating cycles of collective dreams and aspirations, and we can see its subtle emotional effects in those things which seem to promise redemption, peace, perfection, and freedom from suffering.

Thus the sign through which Neptune passes describes, on many different levels, those qualities, objects and people which we believe will lift us out of pain and loneliness and lead us into the Paradise Garden which we lost once upon a time long, long ago. What we perceive as fashionable is also reflected by Neptune s current zodiacal sign, and music, art, and interpretation of beauty all change and shift like Neptune s waters as we alter our vision of what will satisfy our eternal longing. When Neptune moved through Aquarius in the last century, it was the first time the phrase "United Europe" was used in a political sense.

During that earlier transit, dreams of an end to global conflict were accompanied by a heightened feeling of brotherhood and spiritual unity among men and women of every different race and nation. At the same time, a passionate spirit of nationalism swept Europe and America, putting an end to the dreams of global unity. As Neptune moves through Aquarius once again, we are once again dreaming dreams of a worldwide unity which will end all conflict. Sadly, not all of Neptune s dreams come true, and sometimes there is bitter disappointment as our heightened perceptions of what could be possible collide with the reality of the world and the limitations of human nature.

For the first time in over a century and a half we are filled once again with a vision of human unity which could yield many immensely creative results. But such a vision could also make us blind to recognising our limits. What we see as beautiful, fashionable and desirable is also changing. As a collective we are losing our sentimentality about the past and focusing on that which is new, innovative, technologically advanced, and able to create a more efficient and interconnected society. Learning to let go Neptune in 8th House March until During this important time you are most likely to experience the magical and mysterious qualities of Neptune in your intimate relationship life.

Gently and subtly, the emotional barriers between you and others are changing and becoming more fluid, and this opens the possibility for deeper emotional and sexual exchange as well as an increasing awareness of the unity of all life. Neptune is not an altogether easy influence, however, and sometimes emotions may rise to the surface which concern the past, especially any losses you may have suffered when you were much younger.

But this is more than compensated for by a deepening awareness of life s mysteries and a profound sense of what supports you invisibly from within. You may sometimes feel as though you are no longer properly rooted in life, and your thoughts and fantasies may move into more boundless terrain. Such feelings can be very powerful and disturbing if you are used to being a matter-of-fact, prosaic sort of person.

But this kind of emotional opening could transform your relationships and your view of what life is really about. Another keynote of this transit of Neptune is, for you, the issue of sharing. This means not only emotions, but also resources, and issues may arise which concern joint financial matters and areas where you need to learn to be more fluid and open in your dealings with others. Some confusion is probably inevitable as you grapple with what you really want, what you have outgrown, and what you need to let go of in order to progress in your life.

Letting go of the past - whether in the form of people you have been holding on to, emotional attitudes which you are reluctant to relinquish, or an old pattern involving money and security -may be part of the subtle effects of Neptune. Try not to fight the direction in which your heart and imagination are leading you. The kind of deep emotional renewal which could be yours over this time can only come if you make room for the changes which need to take place; and making room may mean being willing to be less rigid in many of your interactions with others.

This does not mean being gullible or passive; but if you are willing to recognise and contain the kinds of deep feelings and inner experiences which may come your way, you are likely to connect with a deep and abiding sense of faith in life s meaning. Mercury sextile Neptune End of January until beginning of May Neptune square Venus Beginning of March until end of December Feelings of compassion toward others, and a willingness to let go of past hurts and resentments, could make this time one in which you experience a gentle inner healing and a new sense of belonging.

Your heart is open and others are likely to respond to you, too, with an open heart. This could mean a time of deep tranquillity and emotional closeness. Even if the usual external problems interfere, you are likely to feel somehow supported by something higher or deeper in your life. New friendships and a deepening of family bonds could increase your sense of being surrounded by a benign and loving humanity, and this could heal many old hurts and feelings of isolation which might have plagued you in the past.

Inspiration and openness to the inner realm could make this time enormously productive in terms of any creative work you might undertake. You are also likely to be unusually receptive to the feelings of others, perhaps almost telepathically so, and your response to the atmospheres and hidden levels of any human interaction is likely to be acute. This could also be a time when your interest in the inner world deepens, perhaps through studies such as psychology or astrology, or practices such as meditation.

Your grasp of practical matters may need some attention, as your mind may be inclined to wander on higher planes and details may bore you. Make sure you don t ignore important matters which need attention. But that caution having been given, try to make as much use as you can of the inner resources which are now at your disposal.

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Your rational faculties are blending with a heightened intuition, and this could opens many doors to knowledge normally not accessible to the intellect alone. For a time you will probably have to deal with a fundamental conflict between dreams of perfection and the reality of the people in your life. This could prove immensely rewarding in the long term, because you have a chance to glimpse just what kind of unconscious expectations you have had of others, and how you can adjust these attitudes to accommodate a greater appreciation and understanding of the real needs and natures of the people close to you.

Some feelings of disappointment are probably inevitable, but try to remember that they reflect the gap between reality and vision. You cannot bridge this gap if you are unaware of it. In long-term relationships, try not to let feelings of disillusionment drive you into assuming that some perfect dream is obtainable elsewhere. The fault may lie not in your partner or child, parent or friend, but in your own impossible expectations.

The pursuit of perfection is a time- consuming and ultimately disappointing exercise. Mercury sextile Neptune t Neptune square Venus sr sd sr sd sr sd 14 hmp as i4.

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You will understand not only what you most truly want and value from others, but also, you will find a deep fund of empathy and understanding which can allow you to let go gracefully, healing not only your own past hurts but also those of the people you love. Important lessons in letting go could heal many old hurts and release some very ancient and intractable blocks and defences within you. This may not be the easiest of processes, but it could prove one of the most transformative. In allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you could establish freer relationships with others and a deeper trust in life.

Some anxiety may be floating about for a while, but such feelings are natural and inevitable when any important inner change occurs. This could be an excellent time to explore creative potentials, since your imagination is likely to be highly active and you have a unique access right now to the inner world.

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Artistic endeavours could prove particularly rewarding. On the practical level, you may need to keep a sharp eye on boundaries and on issues which concern your security, since so much is happening inside that you may be inclined to neglect or overlook the importance of practical details. But as long as you are able to keep your feet on the ground and exercise caution and common sense in all mundane matters, you could fruitfully explore the feelings and intuitions which are arising within.

Don t be frightened by feelings of vulnerability. You may discover many areas where, in the past, you have shut life out through too much rigidity or mistrust or self-doubt. If you are prepared to flow with the current of things right now, and are willing to explore your inner world with honesty, you could find yourself a much freer, more confident individual with a greater sense of belonging. It entered Aquarius in , and remains there until Then it moves into Pisces, where it remains until Its passage through Aquarius is coincident not only with the advent of a new century and a new Millennium, but also with the great movement of the vernal equinoctial point into the constellation of Aquarius.

Thus this planet, carrying its Promethean vision of a brave new world, is particularly important as a herald of things to come. Although sometimes revolutionary in an erratic and even violent sense, Uranus is at home in Aquarius. The electric and inspiring energy which it reflects moving through this sign is generating major discoveries and important social changes which will improve the quality of our lives and transform social interaction through fairer laws and greater equality of opportunities for everyone.

Uranus in Pisces Uranus in Pisces March until Uranus spends seven years in Pisces, and the sense of excitement, tension, immanent change, and greater freedom that occurred as the new century dawned gradually gives way to a subtler, deeper shift in collective thinking. Because Pisces is concerned with the realm of the spirit and those levels of reality which lie beyond the mundane world, we may find that religious and spiritual concerns become a priority on a global level.

We may also experience major new artistic movements, for Pisces is the sign of the creative imagination. Changes in the structures of orthodox religions are likely as the collective psyche is awakened to a quest for more inclusive spiritual values. There is some anxiety reflected by this seven-year transit of Uranus, because its disruptive, innovative energy, moving through Pisces, affects us on emotional rather than intellectual levels. This means not only shifts in the ways in which we perceive God, but also a potential time of artistic flowering as the human imagination seeks new forms and vehicles through which to express itself.

A new world-view Uranus in 9th House April until During this exciting time you may experience a profound awakening on intellectual and spiritual levels. Your world- view is likely to change quite radically, and you may find yourself open to many new ideas which, in the past, you might have dismissed as "cranky" or irrational. The deeper nature of this change is connected with a more holistic vision of life, where the connections between different spheres of knowledge begin to become apparent and your understanding is more inclusive.

Included in this expanding and holistic world-view may be incidental side-benefits such as an interest in languages and a deepening appreciation of the customs and attitudes of different nations and peoples. Subjects such as psychology, astrology, metaphysics, and philosophy may draw you strongly, and you may even feel you have been the recipient of a real revelation about the nature of life and the universe. Changes in your attitudes may be reflected in starting, or finishing, a particular approach to knowledge. On a deeper level, your moral and ethical attitudes may also undergo change, and you may find that you have outgrown previous religious or spiritual convictions because they were not inclusive enough.

This time is likely to prove enlightening and rewarding, especially in the sphere of your attitudes toward life and your philosophical overview. Try to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way to expand your reservoir of knowledge, whether this is through study, travel, or exposure to other cultures. It could prove one of the most stimulating and mind-expanding periods of your life. The sky may seem like the limit right now, and you are likely to be particularly inspired and full of new ideas and new possibilities for the future.

A sense of release and new-found freedom is in the air, and this could be exhilarating.


Some of your ideas may well turn out to be viable and lead the way to a new direction in work, creative pursuits, or spiritual commitment. Some of your ideas may be interesting but unpractical; and some may be simply wild. Take some time to reflect on all that inspires you, so that you can discriminate and contain your restlessness and make sound choices which could transform your future in the right way. You may experience many new intuitions and inspirations of a spiritual kind right now, and you are likely to be particularly receptive and open to unusual new ways of thinking.

This could prove immensely creative for both your intellectual and spiritual life. It might not be the best time to speculate materially, however, as what is inspiring on the mental level may turn out to be rather risky on the financial one if you do not take due care. Curb your impulsiveness for a while, and you will get the best from this potentially extremely creative and inspiring time. New possibilities and potentials are likely to make this time exciting and rewarding, especially because you can take advantage of opportunities without having to make any wrenching changes in your life.

Your goals and life direction may change, and all kinds of new ideas may make you want to develop an entirely new path. The likelihood is that the right people and situations will appear which can help you to pursue these new goals in a hopeful and confident spirit, because you yourself are ready to receive them. Your image of yourself and of life is changing and becoming bigger and brighter and freer. You are probably more aware than ever before of how large and diverse the world is, and how interconnected people are regardless of their national or racial background.

If you can find the courage to try out new things, you will truly change the shape of your future for many years to come. Uranus trine Venus Mid May until beginning of March Uranus trine Saturn End of March until mid January New contacts and friendships entering your life right now are likely to reflect important inner changes in the way you relate to others and what you value in relationships. You may experience a curious detachment which allows you to see beyond immediate emotional concerns.

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This could prove healing and very positive for any close bonds, because you can let go of the past and allow greater breathing space and a more flexible apportioning of roles. You may also experience a time of increased creative inspiration, when new ideas flow easily and you are open to developing your talents in new directions. Your tastes are likely to change and you may be more receptive to the cutting edge in all artistic fields. The gently inspiring quality of this time could open you up to a whole new circle of people and transform your personal as well as your aesthetic life.

During this important and potentially extremely constructive period, you may discover ways to have your cake and eat it. A need for change is pushing you along into new creative and emotional terrain, but at the same time your sense of realism and an acceptance of human limits helps you to keep your feet on the ground and arrange your life so that you can allow new things in without damaging what is of value to you from the past. Materially this means you could pursue new ventures without losing your head or foolishly gambling away hard-won assets.

Emotionally it means you could make new contacts and initiate necessary changes in existing relationships, giving yourself more breathing space without destroying what matters to you. Worldly wisdom and inspiration are combined in you rather than doing battle, and if you are prepared to take up new and unconventional challenges while maintaining a realistic and sensible attitude, the rewards of this combination could be very great sr sd sr sd Ht Uranus trine Sun Ht Uranus trine Venus sr sd sr Ht Uranus trine Saturn sr sd 18 hmp as i4. You also have your own highly individual pattern of development, and certain challenges and changes are likely to occur because it is the right time for them to do so.

This profound inner pattern of growth is unique to you, and although there is likely to be some overlap with the changes going on in the world, in this sphere you may find that your experiences are entirely your own and the creative possibilities inherent in them depend almost wholly on your understanding and willingness to work with who you are and what you are becoming. The Years and The themes reflected by the planetary movements in your birth chart during the next six years are given below in chronological order. Some are themes with which you have already become familiar in the last year or two, and they may last for many more years; we will begin with these.

Some themes are new, entering your life only now, and are of shorter duration although they may seem very intense at the time. Feeling raw On the emotional level you may be experiencing a deep sense of unease. Although no external events may occur which cause such feelings, you may sense that on some profound level you have matured and reached a greater understanding of your own needs and nature; and you may find yourself in conflict with older emotional patterns which you have now outgrown, and with people with whom you have interacted according to those patterns.

This is a time for some deep reflection about how you have dealt with your emotional needs in the past, and how you might need to make changes in the future. You may be particularly aware of how you might have played safe in terms of worldly goals, and perhaps have focused your ambitions on those areas where you have known you would be accepted and validated by those around you. Now you may feel more confident and willing to formulate new goals which reflect your own individual skills, talents and interests.

You may also be conscious of the need to make changes in your personal life, particularly in the ways in which you ask for prog. Moon square Moon Mid March until mid May p prog. Moon square Moon hmp as i4 Although no dramatic events are likely to occur which shake the stability of your environment, nevertheless your increasing sense of individual boundaries may put you into conflict with those close to you. You are probably discovering that your feelings are somehow being overlooked or ignored; but initially you may not be able to express this realisation gracefully.

This period of your emotional development reflects greater emotional maturity. Every important stage of growth is generally accompanied by a conflict, great or small, with what has gone before; and this time is no exception. You are becoming more real as an individual, especially in your everyday life. For this reason the close relationships on which you have depended may be a source of friction, especially with female friends and partners, some of whom may seem to oppose the changes which you deeply need. At the moment you are in contact with your deepest capacity for self-nurturing and self-mothering.

Old patterns of dependency and need, acquired in your childhood, may feel constricting because you no longer need them, but efforts to free yourself could result in anxiety or even guilt. You probably don t wish to feel dependent on others to provide the emotional validation you require. This could trigger a need to prove your independence to yourself through fighting others.

You may be psychologically leaving home, even if you left your actual parental home a long time ago; and you are preparing to begin a new emotional life cycle, with new experiences, new contacts, and a much stronger sense of your independent identity. Moon square Moon 20 hmp as i4. But this process may challenge old habit patterns. You may feel as though you are carrying burdens in your personal life from which you cannot see any escape. You may also feel lonely and unappreciated, and others may seem to be insensitive, unresponsive or indifferent.

However, before you descend into a trough of self-pity and resentment, you may need to recognise the nature and meaning of the process which is taking place within you. You are experiencing a period of emotional maturing which could leave you with much greater self-sufficiency, and at the moment you probably need to learn how to nourish and nurture yourself.

The more you demand that others do something to make you feel better, the less likely you are to get what you want, for you are likely to be as closed to them as you accuse them of being to you. And if you try to hold on to relationships which are passing or proving unviable, you may be doing so not because you truly want and need them, but because you are afraid of being alone. In the past, you may have depended too much on the good opinion of others to provide you with a sense of safety and security.


Mystic Medusa's Astroscape Sign in. Ti'amat is not an unconditionally loving womb and breast. Great timing for founding Apple, which, by the way, happened during a Jupiter-Uranus opposition! October 18, at pm.

You may also have expected too much from others, secretly hoping that they would provide a kind of parenting which could keep you protected and sheltered from loneliness and change. Now you may have to accept the fact that others cannot provide unconditional love all the time, and you may need to be able to take them as they are without becoming bitter or cynical, or blaming yourself for being unlovable. You may also need to accept your own limits, and understand that you cannot be available to everyone all the time.

Learn to value yourself and look after your own well-being, for at the moment it is likely that no one is going to do it for you to the extent you might wish. If you feel burdened with the responsibility to look after someone else right now, you may need to learn to say no; or, if you cannot, then you may need to learn to delegate responsibility or find a balance which honours your own needs as well as those of loved ones. Moon sextile Saturn Beginning of May until beginning of July prog. Moon square Saturn Beginning of November until beginning of January You are probably feeling very restricted and trapped.

There may be objective reasons for this; but equally, you may be trapping yourself because you find it so difficult to express what you want and don t want. You may be too frightened of being separate and causing disharmony in your emotional life. Yet if you are not honest with yourself and others right now, unexpressed anger hmp as i4 sr sd t Saturn square Moon p prog. Moon sextile Saturn p prog. Moon square Saturn In some ways, you cannot win right now: Your choices are between self-affirmation and the risk of loneliness, or self-suppression and the risk of long-term resentment.

Whatever you do, you will pay a price; inner strength of the lasting kind does not come cheap. But ultimately honesty about who you are will reap rewards in the future, while dishonesty now will result in the same problem reappearing even more powerfully in a few years time. If you learn to define your own needs, you may upset one or two people. You may even have to say goodbye to one or two people, or put up with a period of coolness or friction.

But you will also discover that you have loyal and loving support from those who truly understand you. And if you can stand on your own feet, you will be able to enjoy relationships much more in the future because you can grant greater freedom both to your loved ones and yourself. Sobering up Saturn conjunction Ascendant Beginning of September until beginning of July This is likely to be a rather sober period, for you are in the process of consolidating who you are and what you want, and may not feel especially expansive or fun-loving.

A deep reflective process is taking place within you, and your personality is crystallising and taking on a much more solid and defined form. Even if you have spent a lot of time in the past trying to adapt to others, now you may find that you cannot do so, for your own values, needs and personal identity may now be too real and definite to allow such compromise. In fact you are likely to benefit greatly from this process, even if you don t feel especially spontaneous or contented, because you are becoming a much more authentic person.

The process itself is positive, constructive and will leave lasting benefits. The feelings, however, may not be quite so pleasant, and you may feel restricted or deeply dissatisfied in close relationships in which your increasing sense of authenticity challenges previous patterns of too much placation and self-sacrifice. You may also feel anxious that those close to you will reject you if you establish strong boundaries, and this could make you act in overly compromising ways when you are actually feeling the reverse.

You may discover great sensitivity and a need for close emotional involvement with others, and you will probably not be able to mask these qualities or hide them from those close to you, no matter how hard you try. If your loved ones can accept and accommodate these important facets of your personality, which are sr sd t Saturn conjunction Ascendant 22 hmp as i4.

But if you are involved in relationships in which you have maintained harmony by stifling these dimensions of your nature, you may find that certain bonds are no longer viable in your life. You may feel restricted, hurt or simply misunderstood by those around you, and may feel you have to choose between loyalty to self and dependency on others.

In this sense the present time may prove difficult and challenging, for in becoming truer to yourself you may have to let go of people and situations which are not right for you. Yet if such difficulties occur, try to remember that you cannothide what you are indefinitely. The qualities you are integrating more firmly in your personality are deeply important to you, and need to be part of any relationship you enter or maintain in the future.

The importance of relationship You may feel a powerful longing to experience closer emotional contact with others during this time, and relationships may now assume enormous importance in your life. Your usual fluidity and responsiveness may give way to a greater need for discipline and self-sufficiency, and you are likely to seek - and perhaps find - someone who seems to provide these qualities and can help you to develop them within yourself.

You may have marriage on your mind; or, on a less personal level, you may feel you want to share who you are and what you can create with a wider audience. You are probably increasingly aware of the importance of others, and of the need to adjust your own attitudes and ideas in order to interact with them more deeply. On the inner level you are becoming more whole, through recognising that you are incomplete without others intellectual and emotional input. Moon conjunction Descendant Mid October until mid December Your increasing awareness of the emotional reality of others could open up and enrich your personal life; but on a more profound level it could also connect you with the larger world of which you are a part.

Social issues may begin to concern you more right now, and you may be conscious of your need to contribute something individual to the rest of life - not through practical efforts alone, but through a deepening empathy with other human beings. The English poet John Donne once wrote that no man or woman is an island, and you may be very aware of this great truth at the moment. You cannot develop as an individual without emotional interaction with others, for otherwise nothing you believe in or aspire to has any application to real life.

You have reached the be- hmp as i4 sr sd t Saturn conjunction Ascendant p prog. Moon conjunction Descendant The Years and The planets do not stand still, but continue to reflect new themes entering your life. Some planetary movements began in the preceding year and are still relevant and merit further mention; others are fresh and will bring you many new experiences during this period. Conflict and tension prog.

You may be acutely aware of yourself as a separate individual, but these feelings are likely to conflict with your need for harmony and closeness. Thus you may find yourself inclined to assert your ideas, feelings and desires in a forceful or even aggressive manner, while at the same time trying too hard to accommodate the needs of others.

Right now, however much you may wish to please others, your primary need is to affirm yourself - not in a destructively egocentric way, but as a statement of the person you feel you have become at this stage of your life, and as a reflection of the talents and abilities you have developed.

Your sense of self is deeply connected with your family background and your roots, although you may not have been fully conscious of the power of the past. At this time you may be more aware than ever of the nature of the psychological as well as material inheritance, both positive and negative, which you must integrate into your future goals and aspirations. You may meet others who in some way epitomise a strong spirit of self-affirmation, but your attraction toward them is liable to be ambivalent and composed of a curious mixture of fascination and annoyance. This does not mean that such relationships are inauthentic or bad.

But you probably need to live out your own special gifts and talents, rather than turning yourself into the devoted acolyte of a charismatic or gifted personality. This is a time when you could, despite some tension and emotional unease, experience a renewed sense of confidence in who you are and what you have to offer. Try to take advantage of such feelings by developing your creative abilities as much as possible.

You may discover new creative avenues which you didn t think existed, or which you were afraid to pursue because others needed your emotional time p prog. Moon conjunction Descendant p prog. Moon square Sun 24 hmp as i4. This period may not be especially pleasant on the emotional level, because you may experience internal conflict. But it is an important time because you could recognise on an emotional, not merely intellectual, level, the outlines of your unique individuality and the deeper sense of purpose which can allow that individuality its fullest expression in life.

Struggling against limits You may be struggling hard at the moment to handle burdens which are making you feel trapped. The outer world may seem to be conspiring to keep you confined, and you may feel frustrated or depleted. Yet at the same time you are probably discovering new reserves of strength and tenacity, and may feel determined not only to prove that you can manage your load, but that you can also turn it into something constructive. You are undergoing a process rather like steel being tempered. You may be taking a bit of a pounding, but it will leave you much tougher, more realistic and better able to make your own way in life.

And you could also discover a much greater sense of self- confidence if you reflect on the paradox of your situation. You are probably finding out just what you really want through having it denied you. This is often a more effective way of discovering values and objectives than any amount of idle speculation or dreaming when things are going well. Saturn square Sun Beginning of August until end of May You may be intensely aware of yourself as a separate individual responsible for your own life, and this awareness could prove extremely important in helping you to use this time to lay groundwork for the future.

Things are not likely to go smoothly or easily, but every inch of ground you gain, you will keep. You may experience a powerful need to affirm your identity through creating a domestic and family environment which reflects your deepest values and needs and helps you to move beyond the constrictions of your childhood and family background. At the moment something may always seem to obstruct your path when you pursue these aspirations.

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You may sometimes get the feeling that mysterious roadblocks are ensuring that you keep to a route not of your own choosing, but preordained by forces within or outside yourself about which you know little. And it may be that something wiser inside you is guiding you, even though the guidance may appear to come in the form of what you can t do rather than what you can.

You probably do need to stand your ground at the moment, and it may be right for you to struggle to achieve a cherished goal; but this does not mean fighting against your deeper needs and nature. Moon square Sun sr sd t Saturn square Sun hmp as i4 Then you can place your strength and determination in the service of who you really are rather than on whom, in the past, others expected you to be.

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This may not be a particularly good time to begin new creative ventures, because your energy and self-confidence are likely to be low. But refining skills, and finishing projects which require a period of hard and perhaps boring work, may be appropriate right now. This is also not likely to be the best time to begin a new relationship, as the people to whom you are attracted at the moment may reflect your own sense of heaviness and cynicism.

If you believe that life should be hard, you may choose companions who make it hard for you, rather than those who can help you to find happiness and contentment. But working at ongoing relationships, and establishing new and more flexible roles, may prove very rewarding right now, because you are able to define yourself more clearly as an individual and can therefore be more honest with your partner. You may need to consolidate what matters to you, but you may also need to relinquish situations or relationships which are proving to be wrong for you. This is a period of weeding out, battling on, and coming to know yourself and your strengths and limits on much deeper levels.

Try to have patience. Any feelings of weariness and hopelessness you experience are subjective, and the time of stress will pass. You are really fighting to discover who you are and what you want from life. Try to be clearer about this before you make major decisions. The more patient and calm you are inside, the better you will feel, physically and emotionally, and the sounder the groundwork will be that you build for the future. Creative ideas prog. Mercury sextile Sun Mid May until end of August This time could prove to be very creative, intellectually, artistically, and perhaps also financially.

Your mind is likely to be clear and your ideas original, inventive and sound; and any plans you make will probably reflect authentic needs within you which can help to give them authority and viability in the eyes of others. What you say is likely to be what you really mean, and you may be able to express yourself with unusual fluency and quickness. You may also have ideas about pursuing a new direction which truly suits who you are. You might benefit from new ways of en- sr sd t Saturn square Sun p prog.

Mercury sextile Sun 26 hmp as i4. This could be a very fruitful time for study and the development of new skills. Furthering your formal education, or undergoing a training of some kind, could be excellent ways of using the mental energy available. Such efforts could also prepare you for a future change in direction which might prove more fulfilling than the position you find yourself in now.

You may be feeling both physically and mentally restless and eager for travel and knowledge, and anything you can do to enhance your understanding of the world will probably prove rewarding and beneficial on many levels. You probably need plenty of intellectual challenge right now. Even if you have not been inclined toward such pursuits in the past, you may be aware now that your mind, like your body, needs appreciation, nourishment, and attention.

Seeking the impossible You may be feeling particularly constrained in your work right now, and eager to find a new and more expansive role in life. Discontent and irritation are likely, toward those in authority as well as toward family members, and you may be aware that you have many potentials and talents which are not being used to the full.

You may be angry with employers, colleagues and loved ones because they seem oblivious to your need for greater financial flexibility and a more creative use of your talents and resources. If you feel you are being thwarted or overlooked, it is possible that, without realising it, you may be communicating your wishes in a negative, demanding or imperious way. The need for change and expansion is right and valid at this time. But at the moment you may sometimes feel that other people are behaving like the American writer Ambrose Bierce s definition of an egotist: they have the audacity to think they are more important than you are.

A little care in the way you articulate your goals and convey your underlying feelings about the validity of others needs, may spare you much unnecessary conflict. MC square Jupiter End of July until beginning of September You are seeking opportunities to grow within your working and personal life, and to formulate new and more exciting goals which can give you a greater sense of meaning. But you may also feel uneasy about such changes, frightened of leaving safe and secure structures behind, and uncertain or even vaguely guilty about your right to ask for more from life.

This tension and inner uncertainty may make you exacerbate your difficulties. Try to reflect careful- p prog. Mercury sextile Sun p prog. MC square Jupiter hmp as i4 Just what do you really want to do and be? Do you have goals, or are you just drifting? Is your dissatisfaction due to genuine injustice or restriction, or is it due to your own reluctance to make the effort and commitment necessary to achieve real success? There are many questions you may need to ask yourself right now, so that the restless spirit which has seized you can be turned in a positive direction for the future.

If an opportunity tempts you, check it out carefully; if you feel aggrieved by someone else s actions in your place of work or at home, consider whether you might be partly responsible.


If you are able to keep your head and reflect on what is happening, this time could prove to be immensely creative in discovering new objectives and new hopes. Building character Saturn square Saturn Mid August until end of July You have arrived at an important turning point in your cycle of development, and life is likely to test the solidity and authenticity of your goals and sense of personal identity.

You may need to give up certain old attitudes and patterns, and begin new ventures or new relationships at thistime, based on an increasing sense of selfsufficiency and more mature goals and aspirations. But you are likely to be challenged not only by the outer world but by your own fears, and what you begin now may have to prove itself in the face of competition or difficulty.

You may experience opposition or obstruction to what you are trying to achieve, and certain external situations may trigger deep insecurities. Yet if you are able to stand firmly behind what you know to be right for you, you will emerge from this period with a much deeper sense of your strength and survival capacities, and a greater acceptance of your human limits. You may have to define yourself more clearly in terms of your expression of individuality.

Disappointing experiences in love may make you review your behaviour and your capacity to express yourself spontaneously; and you may also need to examine the ways in which insecurity springing from early life has made you block creative potentials. Issues of personal boundaries may need to be dealt with, and also the question of just how self-sufficient you truly are. You may experience a strong sense of separateness, even if you are in a stable and loving relationship, and this could leave you feeling lonely and isolated.

You may also have to let go of defences or props which you have been using to give the illusion of strength and competence, so that you can develop greater p prog. MC square Jupiter sr sd t Saturn square Saturn 28 hmp as i4. Don t pretend that you are something you are not. If you discover areas of weakness within yourself, or find that external situations are not as valid or stable as you thought, you may need to be prepared to face this honestly and do what is necessary to build better foundations.

And if some area of your personal or professional life proves to be truly unviable, you may need to let it go. This is a time of weeding out, consolidating, and defining and your ground. It might be better if you don trush into new relationships or new ventures until you feel more solid and secure within yourself. Don t be afraid of the challenges of this period. Life is not trying to be malevolent; any difficulties or obstructions you experience are highlighting where you need to work on your life, and if you understand the message you can establish much stronger foundations for all your future choices and endeavours.

This is also a time when you may experience a kind of psychological separation from your family background and the collective around you - regardless of your age. You may have to define who you are even if it means severing the unconscious fusion or identification with others which previously made you feel safe and secure. Hopefully, this process of separation will not involve actual physical parting from those you love. But if it does, it could mean that such a relationship has fulfilled its purpose, or can no longer allow you to grow and mature as an independent individual.

The most painful issue you may now be facing is a profound and archetypal sense of aloneness. If you can learn to cope with this, you will be able to use this time creatively and constructively to build a better future. The Years and You are continuing to change and grow, and the ongoing cycles of the planets continue to weave their unique tapestry, not as a statement of "fate", but always highlighting those dimensions of your life which are ripe for development and expression.

Sunny days This is likely to be a healthy, vital, and invigourating time, when you will probably feel well and strong and able to value who you are and what you have to offer others. Your confidence is likely to be high, and you may be able to express the need for roots and connection with the past which is so important to your sense of worth, without worrying about whether others will approve or like prog.

Ascendant sextile Sun Beginning of November until mid August hmp as i4 p prog. Ascendant sextile Sun sr sd t Saturn square Saturn Because you are centred within yourself, you may also be more magnetic and able to attract others more easily, and paradoxically, the less you depend on their approval, the more approval you are likely to encounter. You may find yourself in a new relationship which fulfills many dimensions of your personality and allows you to feel special and loved without having to compromise your deeper values.

Or you may wish to commit yourself more deeply to an existing relationship, because you feel more certain of yourself and your long-term goals. The process you are undergoing will probably not necessitate any critical events or major conflicts to bring about great realisations.

It is more likely that you will quietly, gently, but irrevocably come to know, appreciate, and value what you are as a unique individual. This may lead, as a kind of "by-product", to a wish to change your direction, so that more of your deeper perceptions and opinions about life can be expressed through a field of work which reflects them.

You may be looking for a vocation, rather than a job. But although increased confidence and self-esteem may lead to personal fulfillment and improved career prospects and goals, the real meaning of this time is greater consciousness of yourself - not only who you are and what you believe in, but also how your world-view has contributed to the reality you now live in.

You are discovering the creative power within yourself, which can transform your life and your environment according to your own attitudes. Such a realisation could be enormously productive and strengthening on a long-term basis, because it involves the recognition that you are not a spectator or a pawn in life. You are a creator who is ultimately responsible for the world you build around yourself.

Great expectations prog. Sun trine Jupiter Mid January until beginning of January You are likely to feel full of hope and confidence right now, but not in an excessive or naive way. Your aspirations and dreams for the future are in harmony with your real capabilities at the moment, and this means that what you aim for is likely to be an authentic reflection of who you are. You may therefore encounter many excellent opportunities during this time, as well as benefitting from the support and encouragement of those around you.

Your intuition is probably working well and you are inclined to take a positive view toward life. These qualities, in combination with a tolerant and generous spirit, are likely to win you many rewards and advantages. Most importantly, you are likely to believe in yourself, and this may go a long way toward healing any p prog.

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Ascendant sextile Sun p prog. Sun trine Jupiter 30 hmp as i4.