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Astrology: Mercury in the Signs

Zombie period!

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Large animals are also ruled by Pisces, so they may get attention in some way as well. The Pisces energy os this retrograde is cranked up to an 11 for a lot of reasons. In transit, this can be a difficult time, and it may trigger something very important around the start of the retrograde. Mercury will be anaretic March 2nd - 8th, so watch that space. The day after Mercury retrograde starts, Uranus will move into a new sign, earth sign Taurus. So to start the retrograde, Uranus will also be anaretic but in Aries!

So this may be some suuuuper wild energy to kick the retrograde off. Run for the hills? Then a new moon occurs in Pisces on March 6th, the day after the Mercury retrograde starts in Pisces. We just have to consciously decide to use the energy as best as we can to be productive with imagination, get attuned to intuition, stay grounded in spirituality, and lend a helping hand in healthy ways. Pisces energy can also be strong when the Mercury retrograde conjuncts aligns with the Sun in Pisces on March 15th at 24 degrees 11 minutes Pisces. This is called the inferior conjunction, and can actually be a good time to start something during the retrograde that you focus on for about the next 2 months.

What exactly you focus on may be related to the areas of life ruled by the house in your chart this occurs. We have to maintain boundaries, stay grounded, and not lose our grip. And avoid the zombies!

The retrograde then ends conjunct the natural ruler of Pisces, Neptune, who is in Pisces too! Mercury makes four major aspects during the retrograde in addition to the conjunctions to the Sun and Neptune: sextile positive aspect, two signs away transit Mars in Taurus March 17th good for taking action with ideas and plans , square hard aspect, three signs away transit Jupiter in Sagittarius March 15th making us prone to excess and talking a little too big , sextile transit Saturn in Capricorn March 20th giving some discipline and focus , and sextile transit Pluto in Capricorn March 16th giving a little power and control back.

This can make us all a little emotionally anxious, on edge, feeling extra off, and needing to give ourselves time to calm down, to get things done, and exercise extra patience. The retrograde begins at 29 degrees Pisces, so those of you Fishies born after March 17th may feel the start of the retrograde most.

The retrograde ends at 16 degrees Pisces, so those of you Fishies born March 4th - 9th may feel the end of this retrograde most. Note that if you have any anaretic planets in your natal or progressed charts, they get jazzed up by the start of the Mercury retrograde and Uranus , regardless of the aspect, so pay special attention to that point in your chart! For the rest of you, check the house s Mercury will be retrograding in of your own natal chart, and any aspects Mercury will make during its retrograde to your natal planets, to fully understand how it will impact you personally.

If you have Mercury retrograde in your natal or progressed chart, you may not feel the worst of this.

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Those individuals generally don't experience the difficulties of the retrograde because it feels more natural to them. Of course, chances are everyone else around them doesn't have the same aspect, so they can still experience difficulties brought on by others.

Reciprocal Link: www. Avoid misplaced anger. Mercury is your ruler, so when it goes retrograde your whole world is thrown off. On a positive note, you're a mutable sign who sees change even bad as a chance to make improvements. When Mercury retrograde puts up a roadblock, you just find an alternate route to get where you need to go. TBH, when you're not in too big of a hurry, you welcome the challenge.

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Prepare for your precious social media apps to be down, though, Gemini. Get ready for emotional overload.

The more information or misinformation you're bombarded with, the more tempted you are to retreat into your shell - but that only prolongs the inevitable. Moody doesn't even begin to describe how you'll feel as you attempt to deal with the chaos that can be caused by Mercury retrograde. And when things in your beloved home break down, you may start to spin out.

Your attempts to insulate yourself from the effects could backfire. You want to remain gentle, nurturing, and loving, but this is a trying time for you. While it's no secret that you love to be the center of attention, your worst fear is to be in front of a group of people and have something go wrong.

Enter Mercury retrograde. This can cause presentations to fizzle and meetings to get off track, all due to things that aren't even within your control. The teleconferencing signal gets lost, or your phone decides to reboot for no reason whatsoever. Contacts may also be lost, causing embarrassment when you need to get in touch with friends or colleagues. Back everything up and think through your plans thoroughly. You hate disorder, so this can be an ugly scenario for you, Virgo. As your ruler, Mercury being retrograde feels like a betrayal from within.

The things you can normally count on to get you through your day - order, routine, etc. Without organization, reliability, and careful analysis, what are your options?

Mercury in the Signs Cont’d: Mercury in Libra thru Mercury in Pisces

Lean into your mutable sign's adaptability and your earth sign's knack for staying grounded. Most Librans value their relationships above all else, but Mercury retrograde can cut you off from the people who are your lifelines. Now what?! The way you're used to communicating social media, text, phone, etc.


Since negotiations of all kinds can also be thrown off, pay close attention to contracts and agreements. All of the old friends, former coworkers, and exes appearing now can be good or bad news depending on how you ended things the first time.

In Your Feelings? Blame Mercury in Pisces

As a fixed sign, you don't really enjoy the ups and downs that life can throw your way. You're not going to be first in line to ride the Mercury retrograde rollercoaster, but if you have no choice, you're resourceful enough to take each curve as it comes. You're also wise enough to know that even though it may be unpleasant, it has to end sometime. Patient Scorpio can endure almost anything yes, even giving up that beloved sense of control as long as you know it will stop eventually. This retrograde cycle gets you where it really hurts, Sagittarius: your ability to go, go, go.

Mercury retrograde is notorious for messing with anything that helps get you where you need or really want to go.