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Libra Scorpio Cusp – Cusp of Drama and Criticism

If they are both prepared to make the effort, they may experience the greatest love affair of their lives. The flip side of this coin could be a bitter marriage. SOM: When Aries and Scorpio come together, it can be the kind of relationship where the two partners wonder how they ever managed apart. Both partners in this relationship love power, and if they learn to work together instead of against each other they can achieve anything they want.

Scorpio is more focused and more determined than Aries, while Aries gets things started the way both partners want. Even though Aries can be fiercely loyal, Scorpio has a deeper and more complex devotion to the partnership. Astromate : Polar opposites that actually do quite well together.

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The Bull is stable and loyal enough to satisfy your intense nature. You both value long-term unions and are willing to work at them together. HF : From the sexual point of view this is a perfect union, characterized by a reciprocal admiration. ScorpioSite: Both star-signs have large sexual appetites and may have fun together for a short time. Eventually, the Taurean apathy becomes apparent and bores the active Scorpio. Added to this, they are both quick-tempered and find it difficult to be forgiving.

They will end up having an exciting affair but an unhappy marriage. SOM: When Taurus and Scorpio come together, the result is two signs opposite one another in the Zodiac so a blending of two halves. Signs in polarity often have a strong sexual attraction, and when they are together the barometer may rise! Taurus and Scorpio have a great deal in common, but because they have such powerful personalities this relationship is often one that goes back and forth from passionate love to passionate disagreement!

Astromate : This is not a likely match, the Illusive, fickle Gemini will drive you to distraction, which in turn could bring out your vengeful side. HF : Even though intellectual relationships between these signs are possible, it is difficult to form a sentimental-sexual relationship. ScorpioSite: The Gemini is a good sexual match for the Scorpio.

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They are spontaneously attracted to each other, like bees to honey. They will have a shaky romance and a very problematical marriage. Only a very mature couple will be able to overcome the obstacles. Scorpio is more focused and more determined than Gemini, while Gemini is easily adaptable and more outgoing than Scorpio. Scorpions have an intense loyalty to their partner while Gemini is more relaxed about life in general. Each partner has different ultimate goals, but if they work together they can achieve anything. Astromate : This is one of your best connections.

The Crab is a loyal mate who is usually willing to stand behind you. Cancers are attracted to your strong, demanding ways. HF : These signs, both ruled by water, love with extreme intensity. They can establish a long lasting relationship. ScorpioSite: The somewhat inhibited Cancer will be happy to submit to the passionate desires of the Scorpio.

The Cancer would love to be dominated by a strong and deep character and, for this reason, need look no further than the demanding Scorpio. The Scorpio will inspire the emotional Cancer with their passionate nature and offer security too. Their emotions will last thanks to their personalities. The best prospects for love and marriage. SOM: When Cancer and Scorpio come together, the resulting relationship brings together two Signs of great emotional depth.

These Signs have a strong sexual attraction, and when they are together the temperature in the room tends to rise! Cancer and Scorpio have a great deal in common which will keep their relationship strong. Astromate : This connection can lead to crimes of passion. HF : These signs are both very strong and similar.

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This means advantages and disadvantages. In fact, on one side they can share interests and desires, but on the other side they are both jealous and possessive. However, a long lasting relationship may be established if they manage to define precisely their roles. ScorpioSite: Both love explosive sex. Unfortunately, they are both highly argumentative and the Scorpio will soon tire of constantly admiring the Leo, whilst the Leo will be waiting for their supremacy to be recognized.

Therefore tempers will soon flare. An exciting, torrid affair is possible. A marriage will be dramatic and inadvisable. They are both strongly loyal, often possessive of each other.

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Astromate : The Virgoan has difficulties with your sexual leanings. You will bore easily and move on to more passionate partners.

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HF : These signs can establish very interesting relationships. ScorpioSite: The Virgo is emotionally and sexually too cold for the Scorpio. After a while, they will be able to understand one another on an emotional level, yet the criticism will soon drive the Scorpio into a warmer bed. The other scenario for these two signs is usually characterized by the enthusiastic Scorpio being inspired by the challenge of firing up the passion of the cool Virgo.

Perhaps the Virgo will be swept away by it all to such an extent that they give up in astonishment. In these circumstances it is possible for them to have an exceptional relationship and marriage. Otherwise, The prospects for love and marriage are negative.

This will tend to endow the relationship with an intense karmic bond. The Virgo-Scorpio relationship is based on loyalty and deep, strong ties. Astromate : This is not the best match. Libra is far too good looking and easy going for your jealous nature. You would likely end up spying on this social butterfly. HF : Between these signs there is a sort of innate attraction. They can establish a long lasting love relationship.

ScorpioSite: The Libran is too superficial for the Scorpio but they will be attracted to their uncomplicated physical love. The good-natured Libran is astonished by the obsessiveness of the Scorpio, but does not allow themselves to be drawn into it for a while. Soon, the Scorpio finds the Libran too composed and superficial. If the Libran is able to give up their flirtatiousness, they could experience a very passionate love affair and marriage otherwise a short-lived, pleasant love affair but an unhappy marriage will be the result.

SOM: When Libra and Scorpio come together, it can be a fulfilling and stimulating relationship both mentally and emotionally. Scorpio has more focus than Libra, and Libra can get the ball rolling in the direction both partners want. Libra and Scorpio are steadfast in their loyalty to one another. Don't have an account? Create a FREE account! Karmic updates via.

Which sign of passion pulls you stronger?

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Born on a Cusp? Traits of a Scorpio/Sagittarius Male

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Libra-Scorpio Personality

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Traits of the Scorpio Male

Seek opportunities that will allow you freedom and independence! I do find many traits of both signs in my personality and I kind of like the differences. I may be quiet when I'm in big groups, but I've always got a great insight to offer, which has brought me many great friendships. They are known to be honest and upfront critique and they seldom hide their opinion. Feel good and be in the know every day!

When it comes to his emotional life, true love is always somewhere nearby, and he definitely wants to be loved. He falls in love, and this man can be conquered by constant attention and commitment to make this connection grow into something more. He does not have to be the one to come, and he sometimes likes to be conquered, you just need to show him and prove his affection. We must also say that this type of man can sometimes be strenuous and really do not bring stability because of his behavior that can manifest it through complexity, and he is a complex human being, in a sense that his behavior is sometimes not calm and reasonable like he would want it to be.

But this is also one man that can be so adorable that you can never be mad at him, regardless of his actions. He has a talent for everything, and the main thing is that this man can be very successful, cause he can work really hard and give his best. One of the amazing traits that are connected to the man who is born in the cusp between Libra and Scorpio sign is that he is one of a kind man who is above all dedicated to the family. This is one passionate and smart lady that is able to discuss everything and everyone but without creating strong feelings and unattainable opinions about it. One of her traits is the fact that this woman is incredibly indecisive and she has a real problem in making decisions, small or big ones.

This interesting lady continually searches for society, and she loves to be around people and does not endure long solitude — this does not mean that the woman who is born on the border between Libra and Scorpio likes to open up or to talk. She just enjoys being around people, but she may be the most introvert person there.

She enjoys her femininity and is happy to support irresistible charm; when this lady is looking for a partner, she closely monitors his faults and virtues, because he must be capable of all those things that make him emotionally stable. Her most significant treasure is the one she chooses to love, and as well as her male counterpart, this woman decides to dedicate herself to her family, and in this sense, this is something that she believes firmly and will do everything in her power to maintain that balance.

She is, in this sense, ready for significant sacrifice for her family, and not even once, this woman will show others how much she is in pain. In the end, we must speak about the physical appearance of this woman, cause it is very prominent — this lady is known for her inner and outer beauty. She has a lot of charm, as well as for her repulsion towards everything that is unattractive or obsolete — those people and things that belong to this area must be removed from her. In this section, we will discuss good traits that are connected to the people who are born on the cusp between Libra and Scorpio signs.

These are the people who know everything very well and understand, if their smart mind is not turned up, then their intuition leads them to the answers. They are always for sure a step ahead of everyone, and they can make this work by doing hard jobs and never giving up in the intention to achieve his goal. These people are not afraid of hard work, and usually, make their success just by doing so, but we will mention once again that they have so many talents that can turn out to be very lucrative. These people can do anything well, and does not leave anything to the case and always works continuously to make sure that some of the beautiful things that exist and really do and to maintain their prominent business positions.

When it comes to business, they are very fearless. They are also in a place to risk where many would not endanger not even some humans that belong to some much more fierce Zodiac signs. Their success can be seen like this — they can start at some low point, and they will gladly work on that position without any complaint, and step by step, they will climb up.